The staples of digital marketing. If you want an online community, you have to show up for them. Might as well make it a habit. You’ll get more business that way.

Social Media Management

You keep abandoning the idea social media marketing because you're trying to juggle too many things at once. Stop that. Surrender your socials and let's create a strategy that keeps your account alive and ready to capture new customers.

What's Inside?

-1 Hr Kickoff Call
- Research
- Strategy & Audit
- Platform Management
- Performance Reports
- Post Captions
- Content Creation (optional)
- and More!

Email marketing

Who remembers when Instagram went down? That fateful time had most business owners clutching their pearls because they had no connection to their customers. This is why you need an email list. It's great to show up, but it's better to stay connected. Let's implement an email marketing strategy so your customers understand how special they are to you.

What's Inside?

- 1 Hr Kickoff Call
- Strategy & Design
- 4 to 5 Emails per Month
- Campaign Workflow
- Email Copy
- Email Signature
- Subscription Pop-Up for Website
- and More!

Brand Identity + Website Design

This is for you if your brand is growing and you want to increase your earning potential. Your brand and website need to be cohesive in order to represent your business well. Create a brand that's unique, and speaks to your business' personality. Then, let's build a platform to match.

What's Inside?

- 1 Hr Kickoff Call
- Research
- Brand Strategy & Web Design Strategy
- Logo Suite
- Mood Board
- Webdesign
- Website Copy
- Email Subscription Pop-Up
- 60 Days of Support/Site Maintenance
- and Much, Much More!

Other Services

Brand Update
Content Creation
Custom Social Media Templates
Monthly Website Maintenance

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